Interview: Netsky, playing @ Garden Party (Chinese Laundry)

Hey guys. Hope you are excited for this one. Talk to your Chinese Laundry Promoter for tickets. Word on the street… the gig is a sell out!

SBH: Firstly, tell us a little about your hometown Belgium and how the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene is over there?

Netsky: Well like any sort of music genre, popularity will come and go. Belgium has seen strong drum ‘n’ Bass before however when I started pushing it again the interest was not that big throughout the clubs. I must say now though that d’n'b within Belgium is very exciting and the up and coming talent is really shining through. Just the way the bass scene has moved over the last few years, it has really worked in my favour and my hometown is definitely showing support.

SBH: Support is always great, so lets talk about the debut album and Hospital records. How did those two factors contribute to support/success?

Netsky: Both the album and Hospital records really did do wonders for me and the great thing was that it mostly happened over the internet. I think it’s great that bedroom producers can upload to youtube/soundcloud and be heard by the right people. This is a pro for us producers and not a con, sure some things have been lost but there has been so much gained. If it were not for the internet then my album and the label may have never come my way. I think the increase in success was due to the increase in opportunity the internet has provided.

SBH: I can definitely understand the increase of opportunity the internet provides and I am thinking that your extensive remix work has a major role in this? Take us through your process of remix work and how things may differ.

Netsky: Yeh over the last year things have definitely come my way in terms of remixes and I really enjoy them. Funny enough though some people do not like remixes because for them it takes from creativity. The thing that excites me though is grabbing a sound from someone else. I like to listen to the tracks individually and find what I like, maybe a vocal, then I can build my own style around that and take a different direction with it. It’s a really great way to open your mind to different approaches and figure out how to make things work down different paths.

SBH: Well lets take a different path now and see how you go! The dubstep scene has definitely exploded as of late, do you feel that its exposure to a larger market has helped boost the populatrity of drum ‘n’ bass? 

Netsky: Well I think it depends. One of the biggest similarities between the two are definitely the crowds, however I think it depends on location. Belgium has not been affected as much, yet when I am travelling you can tell some places have really engaged the dubstep craze and it has boosted d’n'b popularity. I wouldn’t go as far to say that commercial dubstep is helping d’n'b though, both are still underground scenes in their own right and fans will most probably cross between the two regularly. Which is a good thing!

SBH: Totally agreed! Lets talk about the Australian gigs coming up. Have you heard much about Chinese Laundry before?

Netsky:  It’s quite funny actually, last time I was playing in Australia I had a day off and I went to Chinese Laundry Garden Party to see Nero, Subfocus and Chase & Status. It was crazzyyyy!!! I am really excited to play the similar gig a year later with Borgore, Noisia and Danny Byrd. It is a guaranteed good time right?

SBH: Good time is right!!! lets get into our quick ten.

1/ 1st job?

shop worker

2/ single or taken?


3/ summer or winter?


4/ festival or club?


5/ DAW used?

ableton live

6/ Music genre could not live without?


7/ Most memorable gig you have been apart of?

It was one in New Zealand, 2010

8/  Artist to watch for 2012?

Dillion Francis would be one… do you need another?

(SBH: I think Dillion Francis is a big enough name to keep watch for! No need for another.)

9/ Dubstep or Brostep?

Hahaha dubstep!!!

10/ What would you like to do in Australia in your spare time??

Spare time is hard to get but I really want to push to do a lot of site seeing!

(SBH: are you one of those people that take plenty of photos?

Netsky: Hahaha no no I’m not Asian.)

Hope you enjoyed the read, a track to get you ready for the weekend!
- moo

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