Interview: Boy 8 Bit playing @ The Garden Party

I had a phone call with legend himself…here is how it went down!

SBH: Tell us what has been taking up your time so far in 2012.

B8B: Well, this year has been a little quiet in terms of touring because I have been focused on the studio mostly, hopefully a new single out soon as well as remixes, however I finally decided it is time to get an album done, so I have been trying to work on that too. This year I am focusing on finishing tracks instead of messing about!


SBH: This sounds very exciting! Experimental has always been your thing, when starting out you had an 8 bit / 4 channel sampler (hence the name), so tell us what the studio set up is like now a days?


B8B: Its veryyyy different now and a lot easier! hahaha Everything is more modern with my main processing happening in the computer. This is making things more flexible for me and allows me to do more creative things. Although hardware gear will always be a love of mine, in terms of producing the ideas in my head, modern technology can represent that, faster and easier.


SBH: I was expecting that answer! I dont know too many successful producers at the moment using an 8 bit sampler as there workstation hahaha! So I read you have a degree in software engineering. Do you still feel attached to the degree and would you recommend up and coming producers to to some kind of study? 


B8B: Oh yes! stay in school kids ;) hahaha. I really did enjoy that at the time, it was right before the boom of computers, so it was beneficial knowing about it before everyone did! Know it is so saturated and specific that I don’t feel too attatched to it. Because I did do it so early, what I learnt and how I produce now, it does not really have much connection but at least I have a degree to fall back on. I would recommend study for up and comers, however more as a safety net rather then it helping you produce. With the programs that are out now, If you have a general understanding of computers and a few samples, you can really make some awesome tunes.


SBH: So for a fair few years now your tunes have really stood out. People can pick a Boy 8 Bit track because of the individual style you have created for yourself. However, with popular electronic music changing so much in such a short period of time lately, how are you approaching things in the studio? Do these trends have influence on you?


B8B: I think it would be a little obnoxious to say that current trends do not affect my productions. I always keep one ear on what is happening at the moment, but you have to be careful on how far you take that, I don’t want to jump on any bandwagons! I know what I like so I rely heavily on that and then take in a few influences of new things happening without ripping anyone off. All my tracks hold similar elements but keeping each one fresh is the main goal for me.


SBH: So there has been a few trips to Australia since 2008, what can the crowds expect this time when you play at the Garden Party?


B8B: Well, like I said I am working hard in the studio, I want to get tracks done before the tour so I can play out some new stuff and experiment. To me thats what it is all about, you guys get to hear brand new tracks as well as tracks that I love and I get to test the reaction and see how my tracks flow in a club environment.


SBH Quick 10
1/ 1st job
Kitchen Hand
2/ Single/Taken
3/ Club or Festival?
Ahhh Club……no wait! Both!
4/ Favourite piece of hardware/software
FL Studio
5/ D.A.W used
FL Studio
6/ Music genre you could live without?
None! embrace them all
7/ Most memorable show you have seen or been apart of?
Glastonbury Festival 1997
8/ An artist to watch this year?
9/ Who is your Idol?
Stephan Brodson
10/ What is one thing you would like to do while in Australia?
Swim with the sharks…..but I want to be in one of those cages hahaha


SBH: Thanks so much for talking to us man!
B8B: Looking forward to Australia, thanks guys!


- moo

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